Physical Education

Physical Education at P.S. 93

At P.S. 93, physical education provides opportunities for children to identify and manage their emotions through movement. Also, as a Move to Improve school students get to utilize a classroom based physical activity program that integrates movement in academic instruction. Movement enhances our moods and prepares us to use our brains in creative ways, positively affecting student health and academic success. Students utilize our gymnasium to learn through being physically active and healthy.

P.E. Curriculum

Our curriculum integrates activities and skills such as:​​

  • Health fitness concepts (flexibility, muscular endurance etc.)

  • Traveling and Locomotor skills(skipping, running, hopping)

  • Gymnastics

  • Rhythm and Dance

  • Space awareness

  • Body awareness

  • Throwing and Catching

  • Jumping and Landing

  • Injury prevention and Safety

  • Balance

  • Kicking, Striking and Punting

  • Developing teamwork and sportsmanship

  • Small and large group activities

  • Nutrition and Health

  • Yoga, Breathing and Relaxation

  • Tennis