Library and Woodshop


P.S. 93 is unique because we have established a fully equipped woodshop classroom specific for elementary students. We are so fortunate that our woodshop teacher continuously provides age appropriate materials and tools to support student learning.

We believe woodworking provides children an outlet for their natural creativity and challenges them to tackle design problems. It teaches them to count and measure. Using basic woodworking equipment, such as a tape measure and rulers can develop basic and marketable math skills.

Furthermore, woodworking provides an opportunity for students to use their hands and arms and improves fine motor skills. As a result of students’ engagement with our woodshop program, they become an integral part of our set-making committee as they help to build props to support our Disney production.


Our school library includes many resources for students to explore research topics and improve their literacy skills. It includes a 2500 physical book collection and over 500 educational DVD's. It also houses 20 modern computers uploaded with Windows10 which allows students access to multiple educational sites. The library also has a STEM center as well as a stage for student’s performances.